Welcome to my website!

The main pages (click Enter) describe Chinese and Celtic knots, the folklore and history, and show examples of jewellery that can be made with them.

There are links to my two latest books, "Ornamental Knots for Beaded Jewellery" and "Micro Macrame Jewellery" showing the details and some reviews.

Another link is to my new Blog "nomadic-knots" and also to a new forum on Decorative Knots and Beads.

I will update the Blog regularly with news of classes and workshops, and a monthly meeting group in Cardiff 'Craft in the Bay', called "Time to Knot"

I hope you will visit often to read about new designs for knotted jewellery, or to ask a question on the forum, and perhaps to ask how to make a particular knot you like. And to see what other people are creating. Discussion topics are welcome!